2pcs P21W LED 1156 BA15S LED Bulbs Car Lights 1200Lm Turn Signal Reverse Brake Light R5W 3030 LEDs 12V 24V Automobiles Lamp D040

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F21 series 1156 Ba15s LED automobile headlight bulbs

By S&D

Product Description

1. High-power 3030 LED chips, 21 chips/bulb
2. Color: 6000K Xenon White
3. Brightness:1200 lms; effective luminescence: 1000 lms
4. Waterproof: IP65.
5. Voltage: 10 - 30V


Please check your car requires CANbus adapter before purchase:
1. Remove the bulb and turn on your car
2. If an error code is displayed on your car's display screen, your care requires a CANbus adaptor.

Note: Certain car models, particularly German brands such as BMW and Mercedes, require a CANbus adaptor for LED headlights.


360-degree lighting

Multi-LED design with bulbs at every angle ensures light wherever you need it

Newest 3030 SMD high-power LED chips

Up to 90% luminous output efficiency

Rain resistant

IP65 waterproof means these lights will work in any wet-weather conditions

360-heat dissipation

Good heat dissipation = longer bulb life

1-year warranty

We guarantee the quality of our product's hardware and functions

Our product vs competitors


Our product vs. halogen bulbs



Compatible with: 1156, BA15S, P21W, 1156A, 1156NA, 87, 93, 97, 97A, 97NA, 199, 631, 1073, 1095, 1141, 1195, 1295, 2396, 3497, 5007, 5008, 7506, 12088 ,1295NA (For reference only)

How our product is used

Great for turn signals, brake lights, backup sight, DRL daytime running lights, fog lights, etc.

S&D packaging


Multi-colored LED bulbs

3 unique color choices






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